Caught Out – Tuesday 1st June 2021

Caught out

I’ve been caught out. It was a good plan, but I’d missed a bit of the logic. Late on Sunday night Mum decided it was time to clear out some old ball gowns that she was never likely to wear again. Some were much too young in style and others were… well, let’s just say she couldn’t do them up. I was a good dog. I kept my thoughts to myself. To be honest I was bored, so I sat there looking around the room. That’s when it occurred to me. What is a perfectly good bed, with a comfortable mattress, duvet and pillows, doing unoccupied at night? Oh, I get all the ‘guest room’ thing, but do we have any guests? NO! That’s when a though crossed my mind.

Comfortable night

Mum has been leaving their bedroom door open so that she can hear Shadow when she calls wanting to go out. Thankfully she left the spare room door open too. When we all went to bed, I got into Mum and Dad’s bed for a cuddle then sprawled out on Dad’s side until I was told to go to my own bed so he could come to bed. I waited until they were both asleep. Then I decamped to the spare room and got into bed.

Everything would have worked out just fine if I hadn’t been so comfortable. When Mum got up to go to Shadow I was still snoring, except I wasn’t where I was supposed to be. I was still happily and comfortably resident in the spare room. If I hadn’t have been caught I could have made it a regular thing.

Getting used to the sun

I am seriously getting used to these sunny days. That was why I was so tired. All this fresh air is good for me and I feel great. Mum reminded me that as this is England I shouldn’t get too used to it, but a girl can dream.