Walking with Dad – Tuesday 8th June 2021

Walking with Dad

I went walking with Dad yesterday. Someone had to go to look after him and Mum wasn’t feeling so good. I took him to a different walk that we haven’t done so often. It’s one I’ve used in the past when I do meets and greets for people who think they would like one of our breed in their lives. It was odd going just the two of us. Good odd rather than bad odd. It’s always good to get out and I am enjoy getting some of my fitness back. I hope Mum’s back up to going out soon as I will want her to keep to her fitness schedule too.

Old times

Dad and I were talking about old times when Shadow was younger and up to doing long walks too. We walked from the car park all the way down to York and back on one occasion as part of our Walk for Heidi to raise money for rescue funds. I thought I’d remind him of that day as we all had ice creams and if I mentioned it he might think it was a good idea for yesterday too. Sadly, he simply pointed out that I hadn’t been on diet then and didn’t offer to buy me one. I’d have bought my own, but they never seem to know what I want if I go up to the ice cream stand on my own.

Adding insult to injury

To add insult to injury while I was out Mum gave Shadow a little ice cream. Ok, so Shadow is not on a diet and it was to take her probiotics. She normally has yoghurt but Mum has run out and thought Shadow might like a spoon of ice cream instead. How does she get ice cream and I don’t? Sometimes life is so unfair.