Curtains – Wednesday 9th June 2021


Why is a dog getting excited about curtains? I’m not. More to the point, why would a human get excited about curtains? If they just go to bed when it gets dark and get up when it gets light it’s not a problem. I know during the summer the nights in the northern hemisphere are shorter, but that’s what naps are for and you can nap without curtains too. As a dog you can sleep with one eye open never mind needing curtains. Which all led to me being a little confused by Mum’s behaviour yesterday.


She was bidding for some curtains on Ebay. Now I remember Alfie warning me about what to do if Mum starts using Ebay. I need to turn off the computer, pull the plug out and take her out of the house. As it was we had a power cut, which was quite funny, but it didn’t go on for long enough to stop her. Why anyone would buy more things before they move house is beyond me. She is already complaining there will be too many things to move and she needs to get rid of some. Now it turns out that there is going to be a pair of curtains to move as well.

What happened before?

I did ask Shadow if she knew about what happened before with Ebay. Alfie’s warning was a very general and very complete one. Shadow just covered her eyes with her paws and shook her head. Apparently it was before her time when Mum and Dad were living in Belgium, so only Alfie ever suffered the full effect of it. I now know where the, what seems like hundreds, of pottery characters that Dad has been putting in boxes came from. If she buys that many pairs of curtains then we’ll all be in trouble.