Little Alfie turns one – Friday 11th June 2021

Little Alfie turns one

As little Alfie turns one year old we have news of how he’s getting on. He’s learning some things very well. He is very proud to say he now copes much better when he meets strangers and doesn’t bark quite so much. We can scare the living daylights out of people when we really go for it on the barking front, so that really is good news. Well done, little Alfie. He is startled once in a while and then he’s still reacting, but he’s trying hard.

He’s not absolutely sure about his neighbours yet, so he still barks at them. He’s trying to remember, but he’s still young and it’s hard.

Other dogs

Now he’s getting the hang of people he needs to learn the right way to approach other dogs. Part of it is that we can be very vocal when we’re playing and humans don’t always appreciate that. To be honest. I’ve got quite a voice on me when I really get going and if I’ve got a dog to chase I’m in my element. You just need more practice young man and to learn that not all dogs are like us. It’s easier when we’re young and the size difference is not so great, but once we’re full sized we can seem a little scary if you don’t know us.

Keep going little man. Life will get easier as you get a bit older, really it will.


Aristotle did well at the vet yesterday. His gall bladder is looking better than it was, which is great news. He’s going to stay on his low fat food and start having some probiotics to see if that will help his insides. He’s quite pleased as that means he gets a little yoghurt with it and he likes that idea.