Babeli has puppies – Saturday 12th June 2021

Babeli has puppies

I am delighted to say that Babeli has puppies. They are born on Thursday and there are five. The excitement began for Babeli and her human early in the morning… very early! Her first arrival was a boy, Charlie Chaplin. You’re going to start to see a theme in a minute as this is her human’s third litter which means all the puppies have names beginning with C. After Charlie Chaplin two little girls arrived – Cupcake and Coralie. Babeli was very good, taking little breaks to keep her strength up and then looking after each one as it arrived. After that came another boy, Capella and finally a girl, Camille. Mum and pups are all doing well. They are good weights and Babeli is a natural.

Congratulations to Ron

Of course, I must remember to congratulate the father, Ron. He is a very happy boy and has played a wonderful role in the process.

We do hope the puppies carry on doing well over the coming weeks. It’s always a difficult time when they are very small. And before you ask, they all have homes to go to and no Mum won’t let one of them come to live with us. That last bit is not quite true. Mum would let one of them come to live with us, but Dad won’t.

Day out

We’re going for a day out today. Dad is taking me and Mum to see the place we’ll be living if all goes to plan. I think I’m excited, but I’m a bit concerned too. Shadow and Ari are fed up that they aren’t coming to see it, but I’ve promised to report back for them. Mum is packing everything we need so that we shouldn’t have to stop anywhere on route. I do hope she remembers by things too as it’s a long time since we’ve had a day out.



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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Babeli and Ron. What lovely news.
    Hope you enjoy your day out Wilma. I look forward to hearing about your trip.
    Lots of Love Dickens XXXXXX

    • Thank you. I’ll tell you about the day tomorrow, but I can tell you it was lovely.
      Love Wilma

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