I like kennels – Thursday 17th June 2021

I like kennels

I like kennels, or at least the one we go to. We don’t really know any others, but I think it would be difficult to find anywhere that was better for a dog to stay. We are very well looked after and they aren’t as strict about my diet as Mum is, but please don’t tell her. To be fair I do probably use a bit more energy while I’m here, so I guess it evens itself out. I love the fact that I get to meet so many other dogs and they’re always up for a game or two. We’ve got a paddling pool to help keep us cool in this hot weather. I’ve never been so keen on the one at home but now I’ve seen the other dogs playing in it I shall ask Mum to set ours up.

Aunty Megan

Everyone keeps telling me how much I’m like my aunty Megan. Even Mum says it. She didn’t cope with hot weather either, which Mum just put down to her slightly longer coat. My coat is not longer but I’m just the same. I’m glad I’ve got her cooling coat but we try to go out later so it’s cooled down first. My face is quite like hers too apparently. I saw Andrew a few days ago. I’d not seen him for a while. It was lovely. Looking at me though he commented on how much like my aunt I am. What a shame I’ve never had a chance to meet her. Mum says she’ll be twelve in October as she was only a few months younger than Shadow. I hope she’s doing well. I wonder if anyone ever tells her how like her niece Wilma she looks.

It’s playtime again so I have to go. There’s so much fun to be had by the sociable dog.



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