So unfair – Saturday 26th June 2021

So unfair

Mum can be so unfair. I’ve got used to the back door being open and being able to sit outside if I want to. Just because it’s raining and cold doesn’t mean I don’t want the freedom to choose. Mum on the other paw seems to think the rain and cold is a good reason to keep the back door closed. Why would she do that? She’s got enough jumpers to put on to keep warm. I can’t see the problem. If I’m still happy to sit outside when it’s like that then you’d think that a small thing like leaving the back door open for me wouldn’t be an issue.

Playing up

In fairness to Mum I think we’re all playing up a bit. We’re unsettled by what’s going on around us. There are boxes everywhere and little by little the chaos is getting closer to our living spaces. Mum started with the rooms that affected us the least, but she’s now onto the ones we are using. Oh, you just wouldn’t believe the mess. She did go up into the loft yesterday to see what else needed doing up there, but came down without finishing and feeling pretty depressed. I offered to help, but I’m not great with the loft ladder.


I got very excited yesterday as I came to the end of a bag of food. Now, normally that’s a time to worry. What if Mum hasn’t bought the next bag? In this case it was different. I’ve been eating up what was left of Aristotle’s food when he had to go on a special diet. I really thought I’d finished and could go back to my usual food. I want to do that as I’m allowed a little more per meal. Imagine my horror when Mum opened the cupboard and took out another 15kg bag. That will be a few more weeks on that then!



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