Echo – Tuesday 29th June 2021


We’ve been playing with the sound of a bark echo. When I say ‘playing’ it is more annoying Mum. It turns out that if we bark in a room that she’s packed everything and which has hard floors, we can get a really good echo out of our bark. She has now packed everything in Aristotle’s room. We’re going to have a field day. It doesn’t work in Shadow’s room as there’s a carpet in there. Besides, we’re not allowed in there as both Ari and I do this whole peeing thing. Neither one of us can explain why we feel the need to do that, we just do. It means we’re banned from going in.

Digging up parsnips

For the record Mum has told me that I can dig up the parsnips if I want to. Of course, now I’ve been given permission it means I don’t want to. She’s really upset having to dig them up as they look as though they are doing really well this year. It’s just that she’s taking the vegetable troughs with us. That means emptying them. Mum’s really sad as she likes eating her homegrown veg. Her loss is my gain. Although I’m not sure they’ll taste very nice just yet.


Aristotle says I shouldn’t be worrying about the parsnips but admiring his roses. He thinks he’s doing a remarkably good job of gardening this year and has asked Mum if he can take the roses with him in the same way she’s taking the troughs. Mum has told him he can have some new rose bushes when we move. He doesn’t look happy with the arrangement. He’s pointed out that it has taken his whole lifetime to get them looking like this and he isn’t going to be around for another ten years.



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