Lightning – Monday 5th July 2021


I’m fed up with thunder and lightning. Mum won’t leave the door open for me to spend time outside when I want to. She’s said it’s not safe. It’s a stable door, so the top half is open to get some air through, but the bottom half is firmly closed. For the record, I see no problem in lying outside in the pouring rain. Mum not only thinks that’s odd behaviour but also seems concerned I might be frightened by the storm. It takes more than that to scare me. Shadow used to not like storms, but she can’t hear it now so is much happier – until the flashes are really big, but she just assumes someone turned the light on and off.

Board Games

Days like yesterday we need to dog equivalent of board games. We have our brain games, but sometimes you want things you can all play together. We’re banned from playing tug in the house. Something about the amount of damage we can do without thinking about it. I’ll grant you that 25kg of solid muscle, or 23kg of muscle and 2 of fat, can do a lot of damage when it backs into something suddenly, but we do try to be careful. Ari’s got a bad tooth, so he’s not as keen on tug unless it’s with something soft anyway.

This week

It may not surprise you to know that with only two weeks until the removers start, we’re all supposed to be being good dogs this week and helping with the packing. Mum’s hoping that the weather improves too as she wants the opportunity to see people to say goodbye. She is still only seeing people outside, so it only works if the weather cooperates. It’s all going to be very strange.



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