Odd Recollections – Wednesday 7th July 2021

Odd recollections

Yesterday was a day for odd recollections. One of the cupboards that needed sorting out was the one Mum keeps dog medicines in. As you might imagine, some of them were very out of date. She kept reading the labels and seeing which of us the item had been prescribed for and thinking back to what had been wrong. I should probably point out that almost none of them related to me. I might have been the wearer of the odd cone of shame and I think the vest was mine after I’d been spayed, but thankfully so far I have stayed pretty well.

Funny recollections

The finniest as far as I was concerned was the packet with the gloves and the long cotton buds and a tube of something that had been used to treat Aristotle’s bottom. Clearly the treatment of bottoms is best done from a distance, judging by the colon buds. He covered his eyes with his paws when I tried asking him about it and said he hoped that particular problem did not recur.

Nice things

Of course there were all the things like puppy scales and toys from when Shadow had her puppies. She and Mum spent a while talking about those times. From watching them, I think Mum remembers it all more fondly than Shadow does. I sat looking at some of the little bowls and felt sad that I’d never had chance to use any of them. Maybe one day I’ll have the opportunity to be an honorary granny or elderly aunt, but it won’t be for some while yet.


There was also a draw of things, not dog related, most of which looked new. I did the stupid thing of asking what they were for. Mum explained it was the ‘may come in useful’ draw. In general it was things she had bought at some point by mistake. It ranged from a new smoke alarm to a carbon filter for the cooker hood in the kitchen. (For the record our cooker hood does not take a carbon filter). I decided on balance it might be best not to ask.



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