Paws up – Saturday 10th July 2021

Paws up

Today is going to be a paws up sort of a day. Mum is on track with the packing, so as today’s planned area is an easy one, I said she could have a rest and maybe we could go for a nice walk. We can’t sit on the settee as it’s surrounded by boxes, so I guess it will have to be snuggled up in bed time if we want to be comfortable. My first problem is convincing Mum that she actually needs to stop. She says she’ll stop when all the work is finished and that won’t be for a few days yet. I really don’t know how to convince her.


Of course the bed plan might work better than the walk idea. We’ve got rain forecast again for the next few days. I don’t think Mum has packed her waterproofs so I guess we might still be all right. Ari won’t want to go out, but I might persuade Shadow to come with us. She’s not keen on getting wet, but she’s less keen on being left out, it just means we won’t be able to go as far if she comes too.

Farewell present

One of her friends gave her a farewell present yesterday. I’ve not often seen her speechless, but she was. In our garden we have a very special bird table. It is made from the base of a fir tree that died and the top is a large slice of tree trunk. Mum loves it, but sadly can’t take it with us as it is still attached to the ground. Mum’s friend has made her one to take with us. She is so excited about it and already talking to Dad about where exactly in the new garden it can go. I think the birds will be very happy with it too.