Sitting in the Rain – Sunday 11th July 2021

Sitting in the rain

I’m sitting in the rain… I wanted to do a whole version of the song, but Mum says I can’t because it’s still under copyright, but you can get the idea of what I would have sung. Mum and I have a big difference of opinion about whether it is all right to sit outside in a cool summer rain. I think it is. She thinks it isn’t. I may not have helped my cause by jumping all over her when soaking wet. She was at the computer at the time, which also may not have helped. There was still time to dry off before bed. A good shake and I’m pretty much sorted out again. I don’t see the problem. I get too hot in the summer. She’d say it was ok to be in my paddling pool, so why not just let me enjoy sitting in the rain?

Dad has company

One of my friends is staying with Dad this weekend. I know Dad spoils him rotten when he’s there and loves having him to stay. I do worry a little bit that Dad prefers him to me, but I think I’m just being insecure. At least it means Dad gets some exercise and goes for nice walks. I think he likes it so much because he misses us, at least that’s how I try to reassure myself. I just wish I could be there too. For one thing, there are fewer boxes to negotiate.

The final Straight

Mum says we’re coming into the final straight of the house move. She know what needs doing. She knows how long she’s got left to do it all. She just needs to make the one thing fit into the other now. I know what Alfie would say if he were around. He’d be offering to run a book on the chance of her getting everything done in time. I wonder what odds he’d give.