End of an era – Saturday 17th July 2021

End of an era

Today is the end of an era. Ari is normally a laid back kind of a guy, but he isn’t himself today. We will be saying goodbye to our house and going to kennels, while Mum finishes the move. Ari was born in the house. Before he packed up the last of this things, he went from room to room sighing. The utility was where he was born. The office was where he and his brothers and sisters spent their early weeks, once their eyes and ears were open. He says he just can’t imagine living anywhere else after being here for all his life.

Shadow more philosophical

Shadow was feeling a little more philosophical, although she did point out it was the house in which she’d had all her children. Four litters of puppies isn’t something you forget that easily I guess. Having said that, she said she was happy when they lived in the house down the road when she was young, so she’s expecting it will all work out for the best in the end. For me, I’m not so bothered about the place itself. As long as I’ve got Mum I could be anywhere and be happy. It is a little bit different having had lots of time in Switzerland too and been as happy there as I am here – or happier really.

Counting down

Now we just need to start counting down to being back together somewhere new. I’m more emotional about having to say goodbye to Mum for a few days than I am about the house. I do think people are so much more important than things. The last couple of nights Mum has given me such lovely cuddles and let me fall asleep in her arms, which I have really enjoyed. It’s just nice to know I’m loved and that she will pick me up as soon as she can.



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  1. Hello Shadow, Ari and Wilma, We hope you have a great stay at the kennels. Time will fly by while you are playing with all the other dogs. Before you know it you will all be back together in your new house. Please let us know your new address once you are settled in.
    We also hope that your friends in Belgium were Ok when the heavy rain and flooding happened the other day.
    We are thinking of you all and hope the move goes smoothly for your Mum and Dad.
    Lots of love Dickens and my family XXXXX

    • Thank you, Mum says yes of course she will. It will be a few weeks yet though.
      Love Wilma

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