Going going gone – Thursday 22nd July 2021

Going going gone

Mum is going going gone … Monday she worked in her office while some other parts of the house were being packed. Tuesday she worked in her bedroom, on the bed, fairly comfortably, while the office was packed up. Yesterday as the final loading was being done, she worked sitting on the floor on her duvet and pillows. It’s a good job she’s taking those with her as the floor would have been even harder. She didn’t actually leave the house until later in the afternoon. I think from what she told me I’m very glad I wasn’t there. It was all very strange seeing it empty. Mind you, it’s a good job I wasn’t supposed to be travelling with her yesterday as there wasn’t space in the car. It is fair to say every conceivable space was full.

What next?

We’re all fine where we are at the moment. It’s odd knowing Mum is not just around the corner anymore, but we’re being well looked after. Mum has now set off into the big wide world and she’s finding it very strange. Over the next few weeks she will be staying in several places. Because so many people are holidaying in the UK it was hard to find accommodation to cover the whole time. Oh there are places, but she wanted to feel as safe as possible so wanted accommodation where she was completely separate from other people. Armed with only a Hoppig for company (that’s the Ikea cuddly toy version of us, in case you didn’t know), she has set off for the wilds of Northamptonshire to begin with.

Missing us

She says she’s already missing us. If it weren’t for Covid she would be able to see some of our friends who live around there, but the first place she’s staying doesn’t allow dogs so none of us can join her yet. She’s got friends of her own around there too, but she’s not really going out, so I guess she won’t get chance to see them either. One day we’ll look back and laugh.




    • Thank you. That is very kind of you. We just have to remember how nice it will be when we get to the end of the process.
      Love Wilma

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