Looking Back Again- Friday 30th July 2021

Looking back again

I decided to do a little looking back again at events from the past, seeing as it is Friday. I’ve got time on my paws at the moment, so it kept me occupied.

Alfie made me laugh back in 2008 when he had his first tracker for his collar.

More ‘sat’ than ‘nav’

It turns out that my personal sat-nav is not exactly ‘nav’ing and that for all my Mistress’s paranoia and the big brother society in which I live I am going to be free to do my own thing for at least a little longer. My Mistress has been offered a full refund but she wants a replacement. I want the refund! I thought I might spend it on a little outing somewhere, untracked by anyone. Whilst I know it’s for my own good, do you see my Master wearing one?

He seems to wander off and we don’t know where he is. To be fair it is usually a work thing and my Mistress has simply forgotten to write down what country he’s in, but he might have got lost. I suggested to my Mistress that the best thing would be to attach myself to her a little bit like gloves on a string through a coat, some sort of permanent connection that meant she was always by my side. She’d get used to running across fields chasing rabbits after a while.

Then in 2010 Alfie was making preparations for the arrival of my Aunty Megan to live with them. He really was a very considerate dog.

Looking back to a special wash

It is so exciting. Megan’s travel plans to England are taking shape. I can’t wait to see her. I’ve even asked if I can have a bath ready for her arrival. I really want to look my best. I know I don’t normally go in for things being washed, but I’m planning to put all my beds and blankets through the wash so that if she wants to use any of them she won’t find all the dirt I’ve left behind. Shadow has said she needn’t think that Megan is going anywhere near her bed and I told her not to be so mean. It isn’t going to be easy for Megan having to wave her Mum off when she goes back to Switzerland and leaves Megan here.

Before I forget, a very happy 88th birthday to Granny. Sorry we can’t be with you, but we’ll see you soon.

Love Wilma

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