Not Today – Monday 2nd August 2021

Not today

Mum’s visit is not today after all. She woke up feeling not so well yesterday and decided a drive to North Yorkshire wasn’t a good idea, even if it was to see us. Of course we’re disappointed but we want her to be safe so we said we understood. She’s planning to come on Wednesday instead, so now we have to wait and look forward to that. At least it was forecast to be fine today. We may all get wet on Wednesday. I don’t mind, but I think Ari might take some convincing to spend an hour outside in the rain, even if it is to see Mum. You know what he’s like.

A big walk

Last Friday Dad went on a big walk with my sister Valeria. She was worn out by the end of it. Her mum was really mean and placed a biscuit just in front of her nose as she slept to see just how tired she was. Dad complained that no one had put a biscuit on his pillow. I’m going to remember that for when I’m next with him and try it to see what happens. On balance the most likely outcome will be that he sleeps through it (as my sister did) but that Aristotle will eat it before he wakes up… or me for that matter!

Now Dad has told us about the walk, Mum and I want to be able to go to try it too. I wonder how long it will be before we can go out to Switzerland. It’s been so long.

Big Week

Mum says this is a big week on getting things sorted on our house purchase. Hopefully by the end of the week we will have a really clear picture of what is happening and how soon we can move in. I really can’t wait now.