So very hot – Thursday 5th August 2021

So very hot

Yesterday was so very hot. We had our usual morning but were obviously excited waiting for Mum. She got to us a bit early at just after midday. Now, midday sun and black fur coats are not a great combination. We were delighted to see her and I’m quite surprised you didn’t hear the barking. Mum walked us all around the big paddock to get us to calm down and be quiet. The problem was that it was so hot out there that by the time we’d done that we were all asking to go in. Mum wanted to get a photo of the three of us, but even after a drink I was still too hot to do anything other than try to find some shade.


We did all have a cuddle and Mum told us how much she’s missing us. We reassured her that we were all very well and more importantly we’re happy. We do get very well looked after and having each other for company definitely helps. It’s reassuring knowing the others are here with me. Shadow and I both happily ran back to our kennels. We did feel a bit guilty when we realised that we’d hardly given Mum a backward glance to say goodbye.

Aristotle on the other paw showed what a complete Mummy’s boy he is. Mum had to walk back to his kennel with him as he only really wanted to go where she went. I suppose that’s predictable really. He didn’t mind once she told him that was where he was going.

Next week

Mum’s coming at the same time next week. I said couldn’t she come when it’s cool, but she has to drive up here first so that’s not so easy. She has promised it won’t be for too long and that once we move into our new house she will spoil us rotten. I’m hoping that means steak every day, but I may be being optimistic.



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