Next Month – Saturday 7th August 2021

Next month

It has suddenly occurred to me that I can say we will be in our new house next month. At least all being well that’s the case. There are still some things being sorted out but we are hoping to have a clearer idea on date very soon. Mum has even started asking us what colour we’d like our room painted. We’re not going to have separate rooms anymore so the first problem is getting us all to agree. Shadow says she doesn’t really mind as any colour will be better than her old room. Ari said his was a bright happy colour so he’d like that again. Mum has told him that our bedroom can be that colour, so he’s happy.

Shadow’s first choice

Generally we’ll spend our days in the office that Mum will be using. Because they are quite small rooms, Dad will have a different office at the start. Shadow will need to decide which one she wants her bed in. I’m guessing she will choose to be with Dad when he’s home and slum it with the rest of us when he’s not. I don’t mind sharing the big bed all of us together, but if I know Aristotle he’ll probably slope off to find somewhere quiet and comfortable to himself.

Timmy the cat

Dad has made a confession. Apparently, Timmy the cat from next door in Switzerland has been coming into our house. How can Dad let him in? Whatever is he thinking? Oh I know I can’t get there to safeguard my territory at the moment, but doesn’t he understand the level of psychological distress he’s causing me just telling me that it’s happening? I am distraught. Now I really feel I need to plan a visit as soon as possible.



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