Sharing with Ari – Thursday 12th August 2021

Sharing with Ari

Well now that Shadow has gone with Mum, I’m sharing with Ari. He’s not so bad. At least he doesn’t fart as much as his mother. Neither one of us wanted Mum to go without us yesterday. It was so nice to see her and we had lovely cuddles. You should have seen the smug look on Shadow’s face when she came running out to go with Mum at the end. To say she was happy would be putting it mildly. Don’t you just hate dogs who gloat? Mum brought some Bonios to top up our supplies, so we won’t run out of our bedtime biscuits. She says she’s going to order a food top up for us too. That’s good news as I wouldn’t want to run out.


Shadow rang later to say she had to spend the whole afternoon in the car, which wasn’t much fun. She called in to see our grandparents briefly, which she really enjoyed as she hasn’t seen them for a very long time. Then she went with Mum to where they are going to be staying for the next couple of weeks. She says she’s not done a lot of exploring yet, but there’s a big field where she can have a good wander around and she likes that. It’s quite uneven under paw so she has to mind her footing, but she’s got the field to herself.

Retraining Mum

One of the hardest parts so far is having to retrain Mum. Shadow said she had to beg for her bedtime biscuit for ages before Mum got up from her chair to find it. Her tea was served late too, which never goes down well with Shadow. Maybe tomorrow will be more normal and Mum will start doing things at the right times.