Not My Idea – Sunday 15th August 2021

Not My Idea

I need to start by saying this is not my idea of how to do things. Mum was discussing me being overweight, despite having been on a diet, with a friend. This particular friend is Bella’s human – Bella being Alfie’s old girlfriend. Anyway, Bella used to have problems shifting weight and was advised to try fasting one day a week for three months to reset her metabolism. It worked and Bella has been able to shed her extra weight. Now Mum thinks I should try it. I’m not a fan. On the bright side, I do get to eat relatively normally on the other days, but going without food one day a week sounds awful.

Fat storage

It’s something to do with the body thinking it needs to store fat, even though you are taking in fewer calories. I can’t say I understand it, but I am going to suggest to Mum that perhaps we should do it together. Can you really see Mum going without food one day a week? I definitely can’t. Whilst I might go around the garden foraging for food, she does the same sort of thing with the kitchen cupboards. I think she’s worse than me, if I’m being honest.

Missing us

It’s not just Mum who’s missing us now. Shadow rang yesterday and said she doesn’t like not having us around. Of course, given she’s deaf she had no idea what we said in reply, which in Aristotle’s case is probably a good thing. She did find some fox poo to roll in, so she wasn’t completely dissatisfied with life. Mum, on the other paw seems to be less impressed with that particular situation. Shadow is also fed up having to spend time in the car going to and from places. She is much happies just staying somewhere undisturbed and has told Mum so. Mum of course has taken no notice.



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