Parcel for the dog – Tuesday 17th August 2021

Parcel for the dog

Today there will be a parcel for the dog – or more to the point ‘dogs’. It’s really rather exciting. Aristotle and I are expecting an Amazon delivery, address to us, here in kennels. There aren’t many dogs that have their own special deliveries. Now, to be fair, the contents are not exciting. Has Mum included our favourite toys and some extra treats? No. All the parcel will include will be vitamins. I kid you not. Well, that and turmeric. I mean who is going to get excited about that? Please, don’t tell the other dogs in here that that is what our parcel contains as I may have been boasting slightly and they’d laugh if they knew the truth.

Exciting News

Mum has said that she should have some exciting news for us by the end of the week. Don’t you just hate it when people do that to you? Honestly, if there is something to tell me just go ahead. The problem now is that Ari and I are going to spend all week speculating about what she’s going to tell us. We’re guessing it’s about the house. She did promise Aristotle that she’d do everything she could to make sure he’d come out of kennels in time for his tenth birthday in September so I’ve got my paws crossed.

Visiting Grandparents

Shadow is going to visit our grandparents again today. It’s a bit odd. Mum is having her Tesco’s shopping delivered there so has to be there for its arrival. The driver doesn’t seem to think it’s at all odd to deliver it to a car on the drive. I said she should try for a layby somewhere and see if that fazed them. Shadow says she does enjoy being able to spend time in their garden. It’s softer underpaw than the field.



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  1. I do believe that Tesco deliver to canal bridges for people on narrowboats so a lay-by might work too ?

    • Oh what fun. Now I want Mum to put it to the test and see what the strangest place they’d deliver to is.

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