Not Fair – Thursday 19th August 2021

Not fair

Well that’s not fair. Aristotle is getting another delivery today but there won’t be anything for me. Mum was worried his food would run out before she could bring some more for him next week. Because he’s on a special very low fat diet she didn’t want that to happen. He can be very ill if he has too much fat in his diet. Anyway, Mum was worried so she’s sent some more food for him. Apparently, because I can eat just about anything, she didn’t see the need to send anything for me. I pouted a bit when she told me. Rather than sympathy, she told me to stop being so ungrateful. She’s already got a bag of my food and I’m not likely to run out before she sees me anyway. She might be right, but that didn’t feel like the point.

Stroppy dog

Shadow is her usual stroppy self. She is very good at being uncooperative if she doesn’t want to do something. She’s taken to sitting down several meters before Mum gets to the field that she’s supposed to be walking in. It then becomes something of a battle of wills as to whether Mum can persuade her to move in the right direction. Shadow has always made clear that she does not wish to cooperate with the plan for her to come back to kennels next week. She’s very happy to be with Mum, although begrudgingly admitted she is missing me and Aristotle. I can’t imagine how difficult Shadow found it to actually say that. She’s always so dismissive of us and says she’d happily be an only dog. It turns out that’s not quite the case after all.

Today’s plan

If Shadow will get into the car, Mum’s going to take her over to see the new house from the outside today. They are going for a walk along the road opposite the house so that Shadow can see what she thinks too.




  1. Hi Wilma, always lovely to hear from you. We read about my Mum Shadow and Dad has said I am a carbon copy of her! Sometimes when takes me for a walk I take a look at the venue as we pull up in the car and then I make a decision about whether I want to get out. If my legs are painful after my operations I prefer a softer surface. I do not take easily to a change in my routine. My Mum had her foot operation yesterday so things are very different around here. She has to have her foot up most of the time so Dad is in charge!As long as I get my food and treats I am a happy boy.
    Keep smiling, not too long until you move into your new house. Love Dickens XXX

    • Oh you are funny, Dickens. I think several of your brothers and sisters are fairly ‘determined’ too.
      Please give our love and best wishes to your Mum and we hope she will recover quickly and be back on her feet. Be kind to your Dad and help him where you can. It’s never easy having to run around after everyone in the house.
      Love Wilma

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