Food for Shadow – Friday 20th August 2021

Food for Shadow

Has anyone seen the food for Shadow? Mum was having one of those days yesterday. The sort of one that if you believe star signs then you find things written like ‘Mercury is retrograde and your world will fall apart’. Everything Mum touched yesterday went wrong. Aristotle’s food was delivered to us here without any problem at all. Shadow’s food on the other paw was not delivered. Now Mum is worrying whether it will be delivered before Shadow actually runs out of what is left in the bag. I’m not sure who is more worried, Shadow or Mum. If her food doesn’t come then she will have to eat something like chicken and rice until it does. The problem there is that if Shadow eats the chicken and rice, what is Mum going to eat?

Moving House

Shadow didn’t go to see the new house yesterday. That was partly because they were hoping her food would arrive but also because there has been yet another hiccup along the path of moving. Mum was hoping to be able to tell us contracts were being exchanged today, but that is not going to be happening just yet after all. Mum has definitely had enough of the whole thing and is started to wish she’d never decided to move in the first place. I think what she really needs is me there to help her. I know she’s got Shadow, but it just isn’t the same. Shadow doesn’t understand Mum the way I do. I can always cheer her up and that’s what she needs right now. I’m also easier to feed, so she wouldn’t be fighting over the chicken.

Another dog

Shadow says there is now another dog staying in the place where she is. She wasn’t at all happy. It came to her window and stared in at her. You can imagine how she responded to that one. She can be territorial at the best of times.



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