Getting wet – Sunday 22nd August 2021

Getting wet

Shadow doesn’t like getting wet. One of the problems she has is that she’s more like a Dachshund than an Entlebucher – she’s short and low to the ground. Oh, I know she is tall enough for our breed standard, but her tummy sags a bit too so she looks shorter than she is. Yesterday, where they are staying it rained very heavily and Shadow didn’t want to go out in the rain. She was even more fed up at having to go into a field of long wet grass. Mum did feel a little bit sorry for her and was ready with the towels to dry her off.

It should have been Mum complaining as it was only when she got back she realised how wet her jeans were. She hasn’t taken that many clothes with her whilst she’s in temporary accommodation so ended up spending her day in her pyjamas.

Getting Excited

Now I really am getting excited. Today is Sunday and Mum will be picking me up on Wednesday. Aristotle has told me to shut up about it as he’d like to be going with her. Instead he has to look forward to the return of Shadow, which he sees as a double whammy.

I have asked Mum if she has any plans of where we can go walking. She has promised to look at the map to find some nice places. I think she needs to get out as much as I do. I know next weekend is sorted, but we’ll need nice places for Thursday and Friday too. This is going to be so much fun. I just hope that it doesn’t rain as heavily as it did yesterday or we’re both going to end up very wet. At least we’ll be wet together.