Shadow wants to stay – Tuesday 24th August 2021

Shadow wants to stay

It’s going to be a difficult couple of days, as Shadow wants to stay with Mum. She has made her feelings very clear. She says she doesn’t want to get in the car for a long journey and claims she hates being away from Mum. Much as she does love the people at kennels, she finds the whole thing very stressful and besides, she doesn’t want to share with Aristotle.

You would never guess that Shadow and Aristotle were mother and son from how they talk about each other. There has been no love lost between then since he was born. I think Shadow would have abandoned him then if she could. It does make me wonder how he’ll react when we lose Shadow. I wonder if deep down he loves her dearly and just can’t show it.

Making promises

Mum is trying to deal with the situation by making promises to Shadow that she won’t be back in kennels for too long. I can’t say I’m happy, as she has said that it will be a maximum of two weeks until she swaps us around again so that Shadow is back with her. I’m just a pawn to be traded. Aristotle says I shouldn’t complain as he is not going back with Mum at all, until we have our new house. I didn’t want to listen to reason any more than Shadow does. The point they are all missing is that supporting Mum is my job. I’m her sidekick. I can’t look after her when I’m here.

I think we may have reached the point where the current situation is getting to all of us. It won’t be so bad once everything is signed and sealed and we have definite dates. In the meantime, I guess we could really do with stopping from bickering.