Happy Dance – Thursday 26th August 2021

Aristotle makes his feelings known

Happy Dance

I’m doing a happy dance and I think Mum might be doing one too. You cannot believe how happy we both were yesterday to be back together. It was a long day. Mum said the traffic was quite bad when she was driving up the motorway, but you should have seen the queues we passed when we were driving back. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Mum had been to collect the rest of the things which were stored at a friend’s house in the village, which thankfully included a sack of food for me. It also included Dad’s yucca plant, which is now known as Dave, but that’s a story in its own right.


Mum arrived at the kennels with Dave strapped into the front seat. To be fair, he was taking up the whole of the back seat too. He rather likes to spread out. Fortunately, it’s quite safe to leave yucca plants in the car, even in the summer. So Mum didn’t have to carry him into the kennels with her.

Shadow was so unhappy having to come back. She came in to see me and had a really good moan, while Mum had some time in the paddock with Aristotle. I was getting really fidgety and impatient waiting for her, but I guess it was only fair that he had some time.

Aristotle with Mum

He’s looking well and managed to lose a little weight, although he didn’t really need to. Mum was very happy with how he was and told him she loves him and misses him. You know, the usual sort of stuff.

My turn

Anyway, he came back with his tail held high and putting a brave face on things. Then it was my turn. Oh, was I happy to run out and join Mum? I think we were both grinning from ear to ear. We talked the whole way down to the Midlands in the car, catching up with what’s been going on. Then we dropped Dave off at my grandparents for a couple of days and came to where we’re staying. It’s weird as it smells of Shadow, even though she’s not here now. I’ve got her bed and everything. I’ve had a good bark at the lady who owns it, but we made friends after that. It’s a good job she likes dogs. We’ve been over to introduce me to the horse and the sheep and then I’ve been looking at the map deciding where to go for a walk today.

I’m back with Mum and all’s right with the world.