Fosse Meadows – Thursday 2nd September 2021

Fosse Meadows

And then we went to Fosse Meadows. We weren’t planning to go to this country park and wood, but things don’t always turn out as you hoped. We set off to go to Burbage Common and from our drive past there, it looks to be worth a visit. There was just one small problem. There is a barrier on both of the car parks preventing vehicles over 2.1m in height. Mum remembered, before it was too late, that we have a roof box on the car at present. There was no way we’d have fitted under the barrier, even if we’d breathed in. That was how we came to go to Fosse Meadows instead. We needed somewhere that was quite nearby to Burbage Common and this one came up on the map.

Good Choice

It turned out to be a good choice. It is a place you can have a really good off lead run and find many other dogs to play chase with. The car park is free and we had no problem finding a space, even though it was quite busy. There was an ice cream van. Well, it was more a tea and coffee place, but it was the ice cream I was whining for. Mum still said no. You go through a gate to get into the park and that was fairly busy with people, so if you are avoiding people it can be a bit stressful. After that it was much better. There was a choice between a path to follow which went around the park and through woodland, or a bit open meadow area. There were two of those to be fair giving plenty of room for the humans to social distance and the dogs to run.

Other Walks

There were other paths leading off the area and going across fields. Some had livestock in them, so you’d have needed to be on lead for those.

All in all it was a great find and not bad if you are looking for somewhere different.



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