Falling off a log – Saturday 4th September 2021

Falling off a log

There is an expression in the English language ‘as easy as falling off a log’. I can confirm that makes something very easy indeed. The things I do in the name of art. There was this tree. More of an ex-tree. It had fallen down at some point and was lying there minding its own business. Mum got it into her head that I’d look good standing on the trunk. This is what happens when she takes her proper camera out for a walk with us. The trunk was too high for me to jump onto where she wanted me and this is where it got complicated.

Walking a tightrope

There are dogs out there on Youtube who can walk on tightropes. I am not one of them. I’m a fairly well balanced dog, but I’m no ballerina. I jumped up onto the trunk at the point that looked safe, but then realised I was facing in the wrong direction. My first problem was doing a pirouette to face the other way. I would have scored about 7 for my execution of that manoeuvre. One paw slipped a bit but I regained my composure. If only I’d stopped there.

Getting into position

“Now walk along the trunk to here,” Mum said. If I had had my harness on she could have supported me, but no, in the name of art I’d stripped naked. An oak tree’s trunk is not even and I missed my paw-hold. Before I knew it, I was lying on the floor next to the trunk wondering what went wrong. Don’t worry, I’m fine, but I did feel a little stunned by the episode. Mum was great and gave me cuddles, checked me over and asked if anything hurt. “Pride,” I said, but she couldn’t do much for that.

She took my photo next to the tree instead, but it really didn’t have the same effect.




    • That’s lovely of you to say, but I failed in every category of our club photo competition. I’ve told Mum she needs to take better photos, so she’s trying really hard.

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