Good news on pet theft – Sunday 5th September 2021

Good news on pet theft

I was delighted to see the good news on pet theft last week. Despite originally saying this would not be addressed, the government is now looking at pet theft being a specific offence. At last we are not going to be treated in the same category as, for example, a piece of furniture. The fact that being stolen can cause us distress as well as you is now being recognised. This would mean heavier sentences for those found guilty of stealing one of us and will hopefully help to act as a deterrent against pet theft. It’s early days, but if it helps in any way then it will be a good thing.

We’ve found the tree

It was so funny. One of the photos we took a few days ago Mum really liked. She wanted to take me back with her good camera to see if we could get a better shot. The problem was that hard as we looked on our walks over the next few days we couldn’t find the tree. I suggested it was a magic tree and had only appeared that once. Mum said if it could appear once then we must be able to magic it up again. Anyway, yesterday, when Mum had left her camera behind, we magicked the tree back into existence. Mum has now carefully ‘bookmarked’ it in her head so we can find it again. She says as soon as it’s sunny we’ll go there.

 Horrible thought

It’s a horrible thought that I have to go back to kennels on Wednesday. On the one paw, I shall be happy to play with the other dogs, but on the other paw I need to look after Mum. She really is no good without me. I know Shadow is coming back to join her for a week, but that won’t mean Mum goes out much. It will be back to walking across the field a couple of times a day and that is not what Mum needs. She has told me to focus on the fact it will just be for a week and I really am trying to think about it like that, but it’s hard.