An odd day – Monday 6th September 2021

An odd day

Well yesterday was an odd day and no mistake. Mum had said that if she was feeling a little better then we could go for a long walk. I was up for that idea. It meant I spent the morning thinking about where I’d like to go in the afternoon and had quite set my heart on trying a new country park I’d found online. The problem was that Mum wasn’t feeling better. In fact she was feeling rather worse and concluded that she needed to seek medical advice.

Very lucky

We have been so lucky in the places that Mum booked for us to stay. The people who own them have been utterly lovely. Not only did our landlady here take Mum to the hospital, but the gentleman looked after me for the afternoon – even though I did roo at him first. Anyway, the hospital looked after her very well and after doing lots of tests and giving her some medicine, then sent her home again. It did all rather get in the way of a long walk and probably means we can’t have one today either, but at least Mum should be all right, we hope.

Quiet day

Today as a result of yesterday’s excitement is going to be a quiet day. I will be mostly looking after Mum and she will be mostly resting. I’m just glad Mum didn’t have to stay in hospital as I wouldn’t have liked being apart from her and they wouldn’t have let me in to sit on her bed. At least I can do that here.

I was going to write about what makes the perfect stumpie but that’s going to have to wait until later. It gives me more time to think about what that entails and to sort out some pictures for you.



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  1. Dear Wilma,
    Tell your Mum to look after herself and to get well soon. Good people are so rare xx

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