Garden Pond – Tuesday 14th September 2021

Garden Pond

I must not go in the garden pond. Mum has been very clear in her instructions to me. There is a large garden pond at the new house and it hasn’t been put there for me to go in. Apparently there are frogs and other creatures living there and I have to leave them all alone. You can see how that one’s going to go, can’t you? It’s a shame my partner in crime is past his days of wanting to join me in seeing what’s in there. I do fear I’m going to be on my own with this one. There are no fish in the pond, so that temptation will not be coming my way.


Mum has always been keen on wildlife but our new house may take that to a whole new level. When she went to visit she was told that it may be best not to plant roses where she was intending to, as the badgers could dig them up. We’ve never had badgers before. I think there may be the possibility of deer too. Mum is starting to think that she won’t actually need to be doing any additional feeding of the wildlife or we’ll have a whole zoo to contend with.


As far as I’m concerned there are so many fruit trees that there isn’t a hope of Mum being able to stop me eating fruit whenever I choose. There aren’t any greengages  and that is a real loss as far as I’m concerned. They were my favourites. There are some new things which I haven’t tried before, but I’ll reserve my judgement on those. One problem with the apple trees is that being older their branches start higher up. It’s going to stop me picking apples for myself, unless I learn to climb the tree… or use a ladder.