Back where I belong – Thursday 16th November 2021

Back where I belong

Here I am, back where I belong, by Mum’s side. It’s hard to be someone’s sidekick, if you aren’t actually in kicking distance of them. We were both pretty tired when we got back last night, so it’s a lazy day today. Mum picked me up mid-afternoon and we had a farewell walk on the airfield where we both really loved to spend time. It was strange thinking it wasn’t going to be local to us anymore. I know we’ll come back, but it will never be quite the same.


Then I went to the vet to have my annual vaccinations. I need an update to my rabies vaccination too, but you can’t have that at the same time as the kennel cough. They asked which I wanted to have. That was easy. I said rabies. You know how I hate the kennel cough one. Anyway, I was overruled by Mum. She said, firstly there was longer until my rabies runs out of date. Much more importantly it wouldn’t make a good impression on our new vet if the whole office had to wrestle me to the floor on my first visit. She’s probably got a point.


Then we went to collect the rest of our plants to bring down to the new house. Oh you should have seen the car. Mum was in the front and I was in my crate as usual, but there was no way I could see her through the foliage. Every time she changed gear she held hands with the branch of an acer. I’d also got a blueberry branch sticking into the crate, but sadly there was no fruit on it. Today we will mostly be working out how to get them all out of the car again.



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