An early start – Thursday 23rd September 2021

An early start

Well yesterday really was an early start. We needed to be at the new house by 8am. To be honest, I think it would have been better to have stayed there and slept on a box. The removers are finishing off today and until they do the beds are in pieces and some boxes haven’t arrived. Anyway, where we are staying is almost an hour away, which meant we needed to leave at 7am. Mum set the alarm for 6am but couldn’t sleep. She was awake by 4 and up at half past. ‘You’re kidding me,’ I said as she started to get things done. I stayed in bed until absolutely the last opportunity but even then I had to get up at 5.30am. The expression ‘Let sleeping dogs lie’ was coined for good reason, and someone needs to explain that to Mum.

Worth It

I confess, it was worth it. I did have to sit in the car for some of the morning, while the removal men finished. After that I began to have the opportunity to explore. Oh boy, did I enjoy myself. I’ve started to find my favourite sunny spots already. Mum had to call me to come in at one point as I’d disappeared for a while and she was starting to worry. She should have known I’d be in the orchard. She seems quite certain I’ll be up to mischief, which in a way I was.

Being Good

I may be taking some of being good too far. I’ve let mum put the gel in my eyes for the last two days. I think my eyes are starting to improve as a result. Mum’s finding the gel much easier to do than the drops were. She needs to be reminded of that in future if I need them.