Chaos – Monday 27th September 2021


Our house is chaos. I’m seriously thinking of moving out for a week or two while my humans get on with it. One problem is that the unpacking seems to create more mess than it actually solves. I’m sure they’ve got a plan. I just don’t know what it is. I’m keeping out of the way as much as I can. At times, I have to be honest, it’s all getting a little fraught. I know in those situations it’s my job to go in as comforter to calm everyone down, but faced with the choice of sitting outside in the sunshine or breaking up the latest disagreement, which would you choose?

Petrol worries

Mum is beginning to worry that she won’t be able to collect Ari and Shadow if she doesn’t have enough fuel to get there and back without filling up. She really doesn’t want to get stuck with all of us and not be able to come home. She’s hoping to fill up on Wednesday and set off with a full tank of fuel. If she can’t then it maybe that she can’t pick them up as planned and that would be very sad. Especially as she and I worked out earlier where we can put our things ready for them being here.

Today’s Plan

I think today’s plan is to get Mum’s office a little more usable. She can barely get through the door at present, which isn’t ideal There’s enough room for me to lie on the floor but that’s about it. For some reason she then keeps tripping over me, which is very annoying. It’s not as though she can’t see I’m there. Mind you, by the time there are three of us trying to share the same spot it could be a whole lot worse.



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