Ear Flip Day – Tuesday 28th September 2021

Ear flip day

Yesterday was an ear flip sort of day. Such was my confusion with everything going on. I blame Mum. Rather than work on one room at a time, she was rotating from room to room, Frankly I didn’t know if I was coming or going. In the end I just sat in the hall and watched her go by from time to time. Dad was at least a little more focussed in his activity, but even then it was a bit much for any dog. I find the whole thing exhausting. Thankfully, we did all take a break for a nice walk in the afternoon and I for one was ready to get out


I’m all right as my food comes prepared, however there is a difficult cooker situation going on in the house. The microwave is giving an error message and Mum doesn’t think they have the manual for it as it’s very old. That will only become the real issue if she ever finds the turntable to go inside it. Of course, that would be less of a problem if the main cooker worked. If you turn on the main oven then all the house electrics go off and I’m sure that’s not supposed to happen. Mum says the small oven picks its own temperature, so that’s not going well either. She’s going to have to call in someone to do some repairs.


Dad has built Mum’s new wheelbarrow – except for the wheels! He says it would be fine using it on ice, but not so good across the grass or on the path. I think it’s a work in progress – a bit like the house really. I suspect the unpacking and fixing things could take a very long time. I may have to stay sitting in the hall and supervise.