We have fuel – Wednesday 29th September 2021

Loggie or Stumpie?

We have fuel

I don’t mean to boast, but we have fuel. Mum is very relieved as it means she can collect Aristotle and Shadow tomorrow. It will take her a whole tank to get there and back, so it was important to start with it full. Can you imagine the chaos if she had run out somewhere with all three of us in the car? It’s not as though we’d have volunteered to push the car. I’m going with her so I can tell them all about it on the way home. They will want to be up to speed with everything to expect when they arrive. Today Mum has tasked me with arranging all our beds ready. It’s funny, she can’t find some of the things she needs, but she’d clearly labelled all the boxes with our things in. We’re very grateful.

Complete mess

I have to be honest, most of the house is a complete mess. Mum’s resorted to breaking glasses to reduce the amount that needs putting away. I don’t think she did it deliberately, it just came apart in her hands when she was washing it. The problem is, she can’t work out what rubbish goes in which bin. You would think that it would be the same, but it seems every council does things differently. If Mum’s confused by it then Dad really doesn’t stand a chance.


Summer seems to have come to an end. It’s an awful shame. I do like the sunshine and being able to just come in and out as I please. Today is hopefully going to be sunny so I shall make the most of it. It’s a shame that Ari and Shadow won’t be here to enjoy it with me. Let’s hope the forecast is wrong and that it’s sunny again when they do get here.



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