Shadow is exhausted – Monday 4th October 2021

Off centre stumpie

Shadow is exhausted

Well poor Shadow is exhausted. She’s desperately trying to keep up with everything we’re doing and she simply can’t manage. Mum is trying to remember to walk at her pace around the garden and not leave her behind, but Ari and I are off having a rare old time. When it came to bedtime, Shadow went to find the bed long before we needed to. By the time we all went in, not only had she picked the best spot, but she was snoring very loudly. Even when I nearly landed on her, but jumping into bed without realising she was there, she didn’t stir.

Big shed

Dad started sorting out the big shed yesterday. What he thought was a load of junk were things that Mum says she wants and has a use for. I think she’s going to have to be on hand to direct things to the right places so he doesn’t just throw them out. There’s still plenty of room in the skip Mum has hired and I can see him taking advantage of it if we aren’t careful.

Enough of boxes

Mum says she’s had enough of all the boxes. She has nowhere near finished unpacking, but it all got a bit too much yesterday. We didn’t help to be fair. We kept getting under her feet and barking too much. In the end she shut us all out so she could have some quiet time without us. We had to help Dad instead. We never really bark around him, so I guess her plan worked. I think we just like winding Mum up. We also fight over who can be closest to her, but that backfired. On the bright side, I did have a lovely walk to ‘calm me down’ – which on balance was something of a win.



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  1. “… We never really bark around him,…”
    Is that so? Please tell me more about your barking habits.
    You know, my dear daughter Wilma: I’m getting older more and more and I feel I have to add my say once in a while when my humans are debating. I’m not really barking, not continually or all the time – forget it – but now and then; and I as I said I think it’s just taking part in my humans’ discussions.
    Well, the reason why I write all this:
    I never really bark around him. Especially, when she’s not around…
    Why’s that so? And with you as well?

    • Oh Mama dearest, how lovely to hear from you. I think I’m very like you in some ways. Mum thinks we misbehave because we want her attention so much and will do anything to get it. Dad has always thought we see him more as a litter mate than as our leader. He found that when Alfie was young too. We’re not really very good at doing what he tells us, but at least we don’t bark for his attention.
      We’re also over excited at the moment with everything being new and different. We haven’t got into a proper routine, but that will come.
      Sending you lots of love and to your humans and my sister
      Your ever loving daughter

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