You win and you lose – Wednesday 6th October 2021

You win and you lose

Well, you win and you lose. I had the great sadness of two – not one, but two – dog beds going out to the skip. When I say ‘beds’ it was more parts of beds if I’m being honest. I guess when more than 50% has already been destroyed it’s not even a ‘be’. Anyway, I don’t give in easily. Mum put a whole pile of old bones by the door ready to put in the skip. When she went out, she couldn’t carry the last two so decided to take them later. I had other ideas. I retrieved them both and moved them to safer locations. A girl can’t be seen to give in too easily.

Pecking order

I think I should take this as a compliment. Dad was saying that since I’ve been the pack leader, which happened on the day I arrived, there have never been any arguments over key things like beds and toys. Back in the day, when Shadow ruled the roost, it was mayhem from what I can gather. Shadow is not a natural leader and it used to cause her a great deal of stress. If Alfie or Aristotle so much as put a claw, never mind a whole paw, out of place she would enforce order in no uncertain terms. I can’t be doing with all that rubbish. I’m happy to share. I save leadership for the important occasions, usually mischief related.

Sleeping arrangements

Our sleeping arrangements are a prime example. Mum thinks it’s funny. We’re all in our chosen beds when she goes to sleep and invariably by the time she wakes up, we’ve all moved round. We even let Aristotle have the big bed last night and he couldn’t stop smiling. We haven’t had all three of us in it at the same time yet, but maybe we’ll try that.