Loving the orchard – Thursday 7th October 2021

Loving the orchard

Ari and I are totally loving the orchard. We go out after every meal and guess what – we have dessert. Mum is furious. Here she is trying to control what we eat and here we are supplementing our diet with multiple apples. They’re full ripe now so we won’t end up feeling poorly – except from eating too many, which may not be good. We’re running around so much more that I think the extra calories will be fine, whatever Mum says.

Leaving Shadow behind

Poor old Shadow, we keep forgetting to wait for her. It isn’t helped by her not always hearing what we tell her, although her hearing has oddly seemed a little better recently. We find her waiting at the wrong door or heading for the gate, when we’ve gone to the orchard. Mum is trying to go at her pace, but it’s not always easy when we go bombing off to get up to mischief. On one occasion earlier Mum couldn’t find her at all and it turned out that she’d stayed inside not even realising we’d gone out.

Dad’s in charge

This afternoon Dad will be in charge for a while. That gives us so many opportunities to misbehave. If I tell him we normally have double portions of food at teatime, he’ll believe me. He thinks I’m trustworthy and I take full advantage of the fact. Besides, who could resist my big brown eyes? It will all be fine as long as Mum hasn’t remembered to leave him with clear instructions. That’s always a pain when she’s organised. He’s much harder to manipulate then. Mind you, on the other paw, there is always a risk he’ll be busy and forget to feed us altogether. If that happens we have to wait for Mum anyway.