Old friends – Saturday 9th October 2021

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Old friends

There is nothing like meeting up with old friends. Yesterday was lovely. There I was anxious about going to the vet and having to see someone new, when the phone rang. Did I mind changing which vet I saw? Then came the lovely surprise, instead of the one I was booked with I’d be seeing the daughter of friends from our old village. I’ve met her before at my previous vet and in the village. It took all my worry out of going to our new vet. We had a lovely catch up, which made having my rabies vaccination seem far better. Now I just need Mum to make it worthwhile by booking for us to travel.

More upbeat

Mum was feeling more upbeat yesterday too. Several things started coming together and she felt she was making some progress. That is going to be good news as she will have more time to spend playing outside with all of us. Both she and Dad are hoping to have a very outdoors weekend, which suits us very well. There are still lots of boxes to unpack, but it is getting a little better. You wouldn’t think so if you looked at the kitchen, but that’s because Mum has moved everything from the dining room so she can put furniture in place. She seems to know what she’s doing, so we’re all leaving her to it.

Real trouble

We were in real trouble yesterday. Ari and I were still hungry after lunch, so we knocked the dog food boxes over to see if their lids were on properly. I’m pleased to say the one on my box was loose. Sadly we hadn’t munched through all that much when Mum heard us and came running. Given that Aristotle was just as responsible as I was, it didn’t seem fair that most of the lecture was directed at me. Is it my fault that Ari has to have a low fat diet and that my food could make him ill? Surely he should be the one taking that into account, not me. I think Mum was more worried than cross, but she sent us out while she cleared up and made me promise not to do it again. I had my claws crossed behind my back as I promised, so I don’t think it counts.



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