Just as annoying – Tuesday 12th October 2021

Just as annoying

Aristotle is being just as annoying as ever, so we’re guessing he’s not too bad. He was very sleepy the morning after his little incident, but by the lunchtime was running around quite happily. You know what it’s like though when something like that has happened. We were all a bit unsettled by it and spent too much of yesterday barking as a way of letting off steam. Mum got thoroughly fed up with all of us. I suggested she should just join us and have a jolly good shout, but she wasn’t in the mood. Humans are no fun at times.

Missing our old village

Mum is really missing our old village. She knew who to ring to get things done around the house and she knew where to buy things from. Here, she has no idea. It’s worse than that. The waiting time to get anything done when you do find someone is ridiculous. At this rate it will be quicker for her to wait for Dad to do the odd jobs and that’s really saying something. It wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t so many different things that needed doing. It would help if she was more patient, but I guess that is not going to change now. At least at the rate she’s going she will get the unpacking finished before too much longer. She just won’t sit down. After five minutes she’s up and opening another box.

Important lesson

Mum learnt an important lesson yesterday. It’s important if you want to sort things out in the greenhouse to open some windows before the sun makes it too hot to go inside. It’s safe to say that she didn’t get far and has decided to try again on a cloudy day. She’s excited to have a greenhouse. It’s the first time she’s had one, but she hasn’t learnt how to get the best out of it yet.