Box Puzzle – Friday 15th October 2021

Box puzzle

Our house feels like one big box puzzle at the moment. Mum can’t finish sorting out in the lounge until she can move a table out of the way. The table will only fit in the dining room. That means the dining table needs to have its extra leaf removed and then it can go in the kitchen. If it does that then the table in the kitchen needs to move to the hall. Sounds easy enough, until you see all the boxes in the hall. Oh, but Mum can’t sort the boxes in the hall until she made some space in her office – so she needs to sort those boxes out first. I think that means we won’t be snuggling up in our favourite chair for some while yet. Unless we could move the chair to the office in place of all the boxes.

Farty dog

Shadow is being farty dog again. Oh boy, can that dog smell! I don’t know what she’s been eating, but it isn’t doing any of us any good. Mum is so careful with her diet for that reason. I think she’s been finding things to eat in the garden. She hasn’t been eating the apples with me, but I guess there are plenty of other things to try. At times like this I really wish she didn’t share a room with us now. At least when she had her own room we had some respite from the smell.

Day off

I’ve said to Mum it’s about time we all took a day off so she could take me out somewhere nice for a walk. She’s more focussed on work than even Ari when he’s given a task. Once Mum starts something she really doesn’t want to stop until the whole job is finished. Dad would happily go out for a day, so maybe I should work on him instead.