Important Passport Information – Tuesday 19th October 2021


Important passport information

I’ve got some important passport information for the travelling dog. I think we now fully understand what you need to do to travel on an EU pet passport. That will save you the UK forms problems. Most importantly you do need an overseas address to register your passport. The first test of whether you are eligible for a passport under the EU Pet Passport scheme is your residency.

Thankfully, unlike humans, there doesn’t seem to be any restriction over the number of days a year you are resident there. As to how flexible that can be, it’s hard to say.

Rabies Vaccination

An EU or Swiss vet will need to put your rabies vaccination into your EU passport. It cannot be done by a UK vet. The best a UK vet can do is to put your rabies vaccination on a separate card. They also need to give you the sticker from the batch. You can then ask your overseas vet to enter them into your passport. However, if possible you would be far better to get your overseas vet to do your rabies vaccination. Then there is no uncertainty and everyone is happy.

UK forms instead of passport

Without an EU Passport you have no alternative at the moment but to comply with the 7 page UK form that is required. The worst part of this is that most vets are charging £150+ a time for the completion of the paperwork. This makes travelling very expensive for the average dog.

No voice

Let’s be honest, it’s not a good position for a dog. There is a serious possibility of being left at home more often while your humans go away without you. The costs are high. 1)Your supplement for the Channel Tunnel. 2) Your passport checks in both directions. 3) Your extra accommodation charges. There is a risk some humans are going to think that kennel costs look more favourable. We are being penalised for the ridiculous decisions reached by humans and we don’t even get a vote to be able to sort it all out.