Apple Obsession – Sunday 24th October 2021

Apple obsession

I’m Wilma and I’ve developed an apple obsession. I know dogs who are obsessed by balls and have a very unhealthy relationship with them. A ball can wear down your teeth and leave you totally frenzied. An apple is an entirely different matter. It has the same satisfying round shape that fits nicely in the mouth. It means you can run off with it and have it almost hidden while you do it. And then there are the health benefits. As they say, an apple a day keeps the veterinary away. Just think how much better several apples a day must be. Frankly, if Shadow’s farting is anything to go by, they’ll keep everyone away, never mind the vet.


While Mum was mowing the lawn Dad was watching me. I’m sorry, I’m shameless in my obsessive tendencies. Even though I knew he was counting how many I had, it didn’t stop me. He asked Mum if she knew what I was doing. She just shrugged. She thinks she could stop feeding me altogether and I’d still scavenge enough food to be fat. What can I say? When I knew I wasn’t going to need to attract a mate, I stopped worrying about my waistline.

More moderate

Aristotle is being more moderate in the number he eats. He says he doesn’t like the bloated feeling when he’s overeaten. To be fair, he does have a more delicate stomach, so he might be right to limit himself. On the bright side it does mean there are more for me. Mind you, I don’t think I could possibly eat all the fallen apples before they go rotten. I’m doing my best though. Sometimes a girl just has to give in to temptation – it’s just the way it is.



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