Pictures of Alfie – Tuesday 26th October 2021

Pictures of Alfie

Now that there are some pictures of Alfie going up on the walls of the house, it finally feels as though we’re all here. Mum has the bronze cast of his paw in her bedroom. That didn’t go into storage, but has stayed with her through the summer. So far, one of the pictures of Mum with Alfie has gone up and the lovely canvas we have of Alfie in his little car. There are some more too. He’s never far from any of our thoughts. I can’t help but think he’d have loved the garden here. He could have pottered to his heart’s content, just as Shadow is doing. It’s nice to think in some ways he’s still part of it.


Finally Mum has started doing some of the D.I.Y. jobs that are on her list. It’s a long list and it will take her a long time to get through the ones she can do. She changed the front door lock yesterday. The one that was here could only be opened from outside and that didn’t seem like such a good idea even to a dog. Continuing yesterday’s train theme, she has also put up a station clock on the big shed Engine Shed.


Mum has put a circular table in the hall. Dad keep saying it’s a roundabout and asking whether we are going round it the UK way or the Swiss way. I think he might be giving me an idea – it would be quite fun to get Aristotle to chase me around it. I don’t think that was exactly what Mum had in mind when she put it there. She seems to like it there – which is good as we don’t have anywhere else that the table will fit. Dad said it could go under the bed, but the legs are in one piece which would be very uncomfortable to sleep on.