A man in a hole – Thursday 28th October 2021

A man in a hole

Yesterday, there was a man in a hole in the garden. As a dog, there are some things which are almost impossible to resist investigating. A man in a hole in the garden definitely falls into that category. It was all part of the work on the drains, which now I come to think if it, is something else a dog finds hard to resist. Anyway, in the original plan his work was all going to be easy. You know how these things go. Everything changed and he had to dig a section of garden up to find the problem that needed fixing. That’s where we come in. However, on this occasion our humans were one step ahead of us.

Thinking ahead

Mum kept us in while he was working in the morning. I can see her point, it is pretty hard to work with three dogs barking in your ears. Anyway, the man had to go to buy some parts and whilst he was gone it was a perfect time for us to have a jolly good run around. It would also have been a great time to investigate the hole.

It turns out that Mum knows me so well. She had actually positioned Dad to stand in front of the hole to ward us off. Then just to make life even more complicated to my plan, Mum went to the other end of the garden from the hole and called us to join her up there. To get to the hole I would have both had to disobey Mum and dodge around Dad. I failed.

Then it was gone

By the next time we went out, just after lunch, both the hole and the man had completely disappeared. I had to content myself with a thorough sniff to see what I could find out about him.