A surprising day – Friday 29th October 2021

A rather surprising day

Yesterday was a rather surprising day. We don’t generally allow Mum to use sharp objects of strong glue. She’s clumsy and the combination is always a bad idea. She is very responsible and always asks Dad to do any major gluing projects. Dad is the careful member of the family on things like that. He has a very steady hand and is very accurate on what he does – except yesterday. Yesterday was an altogether different matter.

Squeezing the tube

If you squeeze a tube and nothing comes out, I have learnt from observing my humans that the best thing to do is assume either there is something wrong or you aren’t doing it quite right. What is less of a good idea is to… squeeze harder! One minute Dad was complaining that the tube wasn’t working. The next minute he’d glued himself to the tube and his fingers were stuck together. That was the moment that the man rang Mum to say he’d be here in half an hour to quote for gates for the drive. Mum agreed she’d be at home in half an hour while crossing her fingers that she wouldn’t be taking Dad to hospital at the same time.

Cause for alarm

Now if you refer back to where I started, we don’t allow Mum near glue or sharp objects. Can you imagine our concern when Dad asked Mum to get her very sharp nail scissors and try to cut his fingers apart. It was cause for quite a bit of nervous laughter from Mum, which didn’t go down well. She had to snip a little at a time, first from one side and then from the other and then try to ease the fingers apart a little further. Thankfully, Dad was a very brave patient and only shrieked a couple of times when Mum got his finger instead of the glue. It took her about twenty minutes, but she did cut him apart and separate the glue tube.

Now they are both banned from using glue and Dad is looking forward to a few days or weeks’ time when all the glue has worked its way off his hand. What I don’t know is how the house name is going to be attached to the wall.



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