Wilma in charge – Sunday 31st October 2021

Wilma in charge

It’s going to be me, Wilma in charge from tomorrow. Dad has to go away for a few days which means someone needs to look after Mum. Ari tentatively asked if he was getting the job, but I soon put a stop to that idea. When it comes to looking after Mum no one (except Dad) is going to be ahead of me in the queue. I will stay by her side night and day and keep a watchful eye on everything she does. And I really do mean everything. She finds that a little disconcerting at times. Dad will only be away for about a week. However, it is the first time Mum will have had all of us and a house to think about, without him being around, since June.

Normal life

Mum has told us all that the excitement of moving and unpacking has now come to the end of the first phase. We need to work out what a new normal life looks like. She’s going to sit down with us later to discuss the options. Thankfully, we all want to have more time outdoors together, so I think we’ll be able to agree easily. The difference is that Mum also wants a little more work time again and that means all three of us being able to entertain ourselves quietly. The problem with that sentence is the ‘quietly’.  We were doing quite well yesterday until a neighbouring cat came and waved through the glass by the front door.

Phase two

Phase two of the house move will involve some general DIY and decorating. It will also involve a number of people coming to the house to do work. Mum has reminded us all that none of those people want to be jumped on by three excited and excitable dogs. She may have to say that a few more times before we really get the message!