Not enough floor – Monday 1st November 2021

Not enough floor

There’s not enough floor in Mum’s office for all of us to be comfortable and for her to move about. She was trying to organise the shelf space yesterday and we all lay down as close to her as possible. She had to be very careful that she didn’t drop anything on us. She’s not known for being poised and light of foot either, so we were taking huge risks with where we were. Mum found it difficult, but we were all ok about it, which was the important thing. She sorted one of the five bookcases, but for reasons that only a human would understand she wants to put all the books in alphabetical order by author. It’s actually huge fun as she gets so fed up when she finds one she missed and has to rearrange a whole shelf.

Counting down the days

Shadow is already counting down the days until Dad comes back. She misses him dreadfully when he’s not here. Mum has promised to give her extra love and attention, but Shadow says it just isn’t the same. Even Aristotle is saying he’s going to really miss Dad. He’s been more take it or leave it until now, but suddenly he’s become a bit of a daddy’s boy. He has a vet visit today, Ari not Dad. It’s his annual vaccination time. He’s going to ask the vet about the funny turn he had a couple of weeks ago too. He says on the whole he’s felt all right since, so he’s not too worried, but just wants to be careful.


Life got a whole lot easier yesterday on the apple front. Dad collected a load of apples up ready to freeze but ran out of time to do it. He’s left them in the barrow by the back door. It means we don’t have to go searching for the best ones, we can just help ourselves on the way out. I don’t think that was his intention, but it works for us.