Totally caught – Saturday 6th November 2021

Totally caught

We have been so totally caught. Mum agreed to spend as much time outside yesterday afternoon as she could. We thought we’d given her the slip. She was busy in the signal box watering the plants. Of course, the signal box (aka greenhouse) has a lot of glass making it possible to see what’s going on. What was going on was that Aristotle and I were happily eating apples. We’ve given up fighting over them for the time being and have called a truce. To be quite honest, there are enough to go around. It’s going to take us quite a while to work our way through them all.

Curtain poles

Mum’s to do list says she needs to measure up for curtain poles this weekend. To be fair, it has said that for a few weeks but I think she might be hoping to get around to it now. She has been waiting until the pile of light fittings has reduced before buying anything else to have lying around. If things go to plan the electrician is coming on Monday. She does want to do some outside jobs too, so it’s not going to be a completely hopeless weekend. If all I had got to look forward to was holding a tape measure then it wouldn’t be much fun.

Shadow has no shame

Shadow has no shame. Yesterday there was a man working here. He was showing Mum how something worked and whilst they were talking Shadow simply lay on the floor next to Mum farting very loudly, repeatedly! Oh, I know she’s had a bit of a bad tummy, but there are limits to acceptable behaviour, even for a dog. She did at least behave reasonably well at her vet visit. I went along for the ride to keep her company and reassure her. The vet said she’s doing fine, but was great news – just a bit farty!



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